Harding on Extraordinarity.

In my first campaign, I promised a return to normalcy, a word of which I was very fond, and which accurately described what I considered to be the great desideratum of American governance at the time.

However, it is obvious that today’s extraordinary challenges demand an extraordinary response. To face the problems besetting us at this time will require, not a return to normalcy, but a full-on campaign of extraordinarity. This is our pledge to America: that Mr. Agnew and I will meet the extraordinary problems of the day with all the extraordinarity required to face them. I think I like that word even better than “normalcy.”


One response to “Harding on Extraordinarity.

  1. I wonder where you got the word ‘extraordinarity ‘ from? It appears in Wikipedia within an article on cognitive bias, but there are no dictionary definitions and no word history. So what do you actually mean by it?

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