Statement from Mr. Harding.

As the polls open this morning, I look out over America (figuratively speaking, as from my mausoleum I can see only an exceedingly small portion of America) and see a land filled with promise. This is the nation whose founders fought for the principle that all men are created equal. This is the land that, a mere 144 years after that glorious foundation, realized that women might be people, too. This is the land that, nearly two centuries after that foundation, began to suspect that skin color might be no barrier to legal equality.

This glorious history fills me with hope.

America will show the world today that she has completed her glorious evolution. She has learned at last that fundamental equality is not overruled by a mere physical difference. She will break down the last barrier, and the living and the dead will be joined in brotherhood.

This is my prophecy and my prayer.


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